Developing strategies for investment

Putting together an investment strategy is just part of the picture because let’s be honest, there are plenty of strategies, funds and products that will do the job, but which one is for you?
Whether you are single, a couple, a family or thinking about retirement, we can help you work out what you want to achieve and when and what solution, loan or investment makes the most sense. You might want to diversify your investments, look at a term deposit, think about the share market, gear to borrow money to invest, boost your super or set up a Self-Managed Super Fund.

Talk to us and find out which solutions work for you including:

Managed Funds which allow you to diversify your investments.

Term Deposits tailored to your short or long term goals along with access to the most competitive rates.

Direct Investment advice based on our understanding of the market and your financial goals and personal attitude towards risk.

Direct Equities or shares and what tax advantages, long term growth and ability to spread risk.

Gearing if you want to borrow money to invest.

Asset Allocation and Risk Profile where we help you choose investments based on attitude and level of comfort around risk.

Superannuation options to growth your wealth based on your stage of life, goals and the amount of money you need to retire.

Super Strategies to make sure your super is working as hard as you are.

Self Managed Super Funds which can give you greater control over your financial growth.

Employer Contributions so you know what your legislative entitlements, current contribution obligations and annual limits are.

Personal Contributions and Salary Sacrifice to boost your super now and give you more later in life.

Strategy and Planning

Once we have your life plan in hand, we will also be able to give you professional advice to help you with:

  • Taxation questions.
  • Redundancy Planning.
  • Cash Flow Management.

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